A: We recommend you book a table for weekends and school holidays as we do get very busy during these periods. Usually, you can call us before you head out and we’ll book you in. Parties are always pre-booked.
A: Anyone of any age can paint. Our youngest painters can use our special sponge sticks, fingers and toes to paint and we have a huge selection for stamps, stencils, pattern books, calligraphy books and brushes to help inspire anyone old enough to hold a paintbrush.
A: Studio fees apply to all painters plus the cost of the item being painted. All studio fees can be found on our home page.
A: Yes, we always have our 3 for 2 studio fee offer going on in the studio (3 painters on one bill and we will only charge for 2) plus we often include discount vouchers in our newsletters so make sure you sign up to receive it by using the form on the contact page or home page.
A: Only items that do not need to be fired in our kiln can be taken home on the day. If you paint pottery or do glass fusing, these items need to fired and take approx 3 to 5 days before they are ready for collection.
A: All items are dishwasher, oven and microawavable, but we do not recommend you do as these things can place stress on the piece and cause the glaze to crack or “craze” which then leads to bacteria and moisture getting into the body of the piece. Also, items are more likely t to get chipped or broken being lifted in and out of the appliances. If it is a precious Fired Treasure then you should treat it as such.
A: All pottery paints are lead-free and totally food safe as is the glaze we use. The paints are water based and do not stain skin or clothing. Acrylic paints do stain and are not food safe.
A: We are happy to help you in the studio by giving tips and secrets of the trade and show you how to do something. However, we will not paint the piece for you! If you want a customised item then please discuss your requirements with our staff.
A: We do not have a separate room for parties and the studio is open to the public during parties. We can discuss closing the studio for a fee at certain times if you wish to have a private party.